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[WEBZEN] Localization (English)

இடப்பட்டது: Apr 21, 2021 05:24 GMT   (GMT: Apr 21, 2021 05:24)

Job type: மொழிபெயர்ப்பு/திருத்தல்/பிழைதிருத்தல் வேலை
Service required: Translation, Localization (other)

மொழிகள்: ஆங்கிலம் - கொரியன், கொரியன் - ஆங்கிலம்

வேலை வர்ணனை:
[Company Introduction]
Founded in Seoul, South Korea, in 2000, WEBZEN Inc. (KOSDAQ) is a leading global developer and publisher of both online and mobile games.
WEBZEN is continuing its tradition of pioneering the full 3D MMORPG MU ONLINE with MU LEGEND, MU Origin, C9, Metin, R2, Shot Online and an array of exciting game titles slated for release in the global game market.
WEBZEN has expanded its service to Europe, North and South America, and other countries by operating its global game portal [HIDDEN] which has over 60 million players from all over the world.
WEBZEN is currently developing various PC online and mobile games. Further information on WEBZEN and its games can be found at [HIDDEN]
*Location: Gyeonggi-do, Republic of South Korea

Localization Specialist (English)

[Job Description]
As a Localization Specialist, you will translate, edit, and proofread game content for the relevant parties and users.
This role may also require you to translate in-game guides or relevant text, reports, news, etc., when necessary.
Your main duties are to edit and proofread content for the relevant portals, ensuring adherence to house style and guidelines.

- Translation of game content, in-game text, and technical documents
- Proofreading and quality-control of translation
- Perform LQA (Language Quality Assurance)
- Create glossaries and user guides
- Manage resources (TM & TB)
- Support for localization tasks

[Career Level]
0+ years OR 3+ years of experience

- Good communication skills in English and/or Korean
- Good understanding of mobile and online games
- Basic knowledge of game localization/translation

[Preferred Qualifications]
- Native in English and/or Korean
- Highly interested in the gaming industry
- Experienced in CAT tools such as memoQ, Trados, Wordfast, etc.
- Good understanding of game vocabulary
- Major in a related field of study (ex. translation, interpretation, etc.)

[Closing Date]

[Guidelines for Applicants]
Please check the job post and apply via the link below (WEBZEN Recruiting website):
- Process: CV screening – Interview – Performance Test – Interview

Visa support only applies to those who meet qualifications for a visa

Poster country: தென் கொரியா

சேவையளிப்பவரை குறிவைத்து (வேலை பதிவரால் குறிப்பிடப்பட்டது):
உறுப்பாண்மை: உறுப்பினரல்லாதவர்கள் 12 மணி நேரத்துக்குப் பின்னால் விலைப் புள்ளிகள் அளிக்கலாம்
info விரும்பப்பட்ட தம்மொழி: கொரியன்
பொருள் களம்: விளையாட்டுகள் / வீடியோ விளையாட்டுகள் / சூதாட்டம் / சூதாட்டக்களம்
info விரும்பப்பட்ட மென்பொருள்: SDL TRADOS, memoQ
info விரும்பப்பட்ட விலைப்புள்ளி அளிப்பவரின் இடம்: தென் கொரியா
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