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(1) Are you optimistic about your translation business in 2017?
(2) There is still time to get more services for less
(3) Open Road Story 11: William Green (Chinese to English)
(4) Open Road Story 12: Gudrun Dauner (English to German)
(5) Open Road Story 13: Frederique Griffith (French - English)
(6) Open Road Story 14: Carl Brunet (English to French)
(7) Grand Prize Winner: Eszter Lelik (English to Hungarian)
(8) CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi released

(1) Are you optimistic about your translation business in 2017?

How is 2017 looking for you and your translation business so far? Are you optimistic about the prospects for this year? See what other language professionals are saying and participate in the discussion!

(2) There is still time to get more services for less with the Plus package, but the clock is ticking

If you missed out on the membership campaign in December, there is still time to start your 2017 on the right foot and take your translation career where you want it to go, faster.

The Plus service package, designed with the serious freelance translator in mind, was released in November, and it is still available at a discount, but for this week only. By subscribing now, you lock in the discounted price year after year, and get immediate access to all current membership benefits PLUS all of the new services and features it includes, and all the new services coming in 2017. After this week the price for Plus goes from 149 USD to 180 USD, so if you haven't checked out what it includes yet, don't wait:

(3) Open Road Story 11: William Green

In October we began looking at "Open Road stories", interviews with translators and interpreters who had been selected as winners in the Open Road prize giveaways (which will ended on December 31st with the winner of a new Nissan Juke car).

Here we finish out the series, starting with William Green -- -- a Chinese to English translator residing in Australia.

"I think that robotics and computers will certainly be replacing a lot of white and blue collar jobs in the future, but I am more optimistic about the translation industry than for a lot of other fields.

Even if translation software significantly improves, I think that you will still need to hire people to edit whatever the computer produces. So I think the main difference in that future translation industry will be that translators will get a boost in the number of words they can translate every day but their specialized skills will still be necessary to ensure the translation is accurate. That is still quite a difficult job."

Read more from William at

(4) Open Road Story 12: Gudrun Dauner

"It is hard to pick one favorite project, but in general I enjoy working on long-term projects, where I can learn a lot about a subject of interest to me in the course of translating the source text and sometimes even get the chance to write entries or essays. Over the past few years I have translated a lot on art glass, starting with “The Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014” for the Veste Coburg. This project led to the collaboration with a private collection in Hamburg, the Barbara Achilles Stiftung. The first volume of their collection catalogue was published in 2016 and we are now preparing the second volume. This is the first time I have translated the entire text for a two-volume publication from German into English. I guess that fact, in addition to my fascination with the subject, makes it probably the most challenging and rewarding project I have worked on so far."

Gudrun Dauner -- -- is an English to German translator, member of the Certified PRO Network, and is also a translation contest winner. She lives in the US and Germany. You can read more from her interview at

(5) Open Road Story 13: Frederique Griffith

"I have been interpreting for several years now and really enjoy it. People are very grateful for the service provided. Whether they are filling out a form, seeing a doctor or interviewing for immigration, it is always reassuring to foreigners to have someone next to them who understands them. It is a pleasure to help people communicate that way."

Frederique Griffith -- -- is a French - English translator and certified medical interpreter living in the US. Read her full interview here:

(6) Open Road Story 14: Carl Brunet

"I want to keep going down the path I’ve chosen, building my business and work on marketing myself better now that I’ve gained greater experience working for a huge variety of public and private sector clients."

Carl Brunet -- -- is an English to French translator living in Canada. You can see his full interview at

(7) Open Road Grand Prize Winner: Eszter Lelik

The grand prize winner in the Open Road series was Eszter Lelik -- -- an English to Hungarian translator and interpreter from Hungary. Eszter won a brand new Nissan Juke car. Congratulations, Eszter! Her interview will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can see the grand prize drawing, including the announcement of winners of licenses for Memsource, Wordfast, SDL Trados, and Protemos, at

All winners in the Open Road series are listed at

(8) CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi released

CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi has been released. The new version provides translators with cutting-edge assisted translation technologies with the design and focus on translating fast and with fun. It is a summary of ongoing development and the features introduced throughout last year, polished with the invaluable feedback of CafeTran users.

Apart from numerous fixes and improvements, the Yeddi version comprises the following:

- Mastered subsegment matching and auto-completion.
- Intuitive Matchboard.
- Optional integration with terminology bases.
- Optional integration with TM-Town resources.
- Optional integration with Machine Translation services.
- New Project Dashboard and user interface for high resolution screens.
- Refreshed dark and white eye-friendly texture themes.
- Improved Auto-assembling algorithm.
- Contextual segments' retrieval system - "Total Recall" with support for alternative databases (e.g. MySQL database).
- Flexible docking and joining of numerous resources (translation memories, glossaries and web resources).
- Binding of favorite external editors to enhance the editing process (e.g. with dictation).
- Fuzzy matches auto-correction.
- Auto-tagger: inserting matches along with formatting tags in the target segment.

CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems is available for download:

And that's it for January, thanks for reading. Is there anything related to your freelance translation business that concerns you as this year moves forward? If you would like to share, please just reply to this newsletter.

Happy translating,

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