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Contest rules

1. Entries must be original works. Reuse or referencing of existing (ex. published) translations, in whole or in part, is prohibited and leads to disqualification. It is possible to work with one other person, but that person must be included as a partner when the entry is submitted.
2. Contestants' identities should remain anonymous while the contest is underway. Contestants should not discuss their own entries, or the decisions they made in the translation process, while the contest or contest voting is underway. To provide information that would enable a colleague to determine which of the entries is one's own is grounds for disqualification.
3. Speculation on entries is not allowed. It is against the rules to speculate as to who may have submitted a given entry.
4. Public comments concerning entries during the contest are not allowed. Public comments concerning entries (or the possible ways to translate the source text) are not allowed by any user during the contest or contest voting periods. Comments made to the forums will not be vetted, and if made public, they will be removed. Direct person-to-person discussion (ie. by email, etc.) of this sort among voters is also prohibited.
5. Encouraging voters to vote in a certain way is against the rules. Encouraging voters to vote in a certain way, or to select a certain entry, is not allowed. Attempting to influence the outcome by inviting a select group of users (for example, users from one country) to vote is also prohibited.
6. The legitimacy of a win should not be questioned publicly. If unfairness is suspected, it should be reported to site staff members via a support request.