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Translation is greatly developed in Argentina, not only because of the numerous professional translators in the country but also for the average level of their education and training. A high percentage of translators in Argentina is a graduate of one of the many universities which offer translation in their course of studies, and a great part has additional education in their areas of specialization.

Argentinean translators have inherited the tradition of extending bridges between cultures, a gift received from the culture and work of countless immigrants that came to the country from all over the world.

Many factors converge to foster the hiring of Argentinean translators by clients in the international market. Among those it's the solid reputation of good quality and professionalism, the current relevance of Spanish as a target language, and in some cases, a scheme of competitive rates.

Many professional associations regulate the segment of public translation and local clients. Particularly the Buenos Aires Translators Association (Colegio de Traductores de la Capital Federal) which has more than seven thousand registered translators.

The ProZian community in Argentna is one of the biggest and more active. Many events have been organized in the country since 2001 in main cities like Buenos Aires, La Plata, Córdoba and Rosario.

In line with the relevancy of translation and the community in this country, the biggest office in the world is located in La Plata, Argentina.

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Translation associations and schools in ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா

SchoolUniversidad Nacional de Rosario
AssociationColegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
SchoolFundación Litterae-Fundeu
SchoolUniversidad Argentina de la Empresa (Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas)
AssociationAsociación Argentina de Traductores
SchoolEscuela Normal Superior en Lenguas Vivas Sofía E. Broquen de Spangenberg (ex J. F. Kennedy)
SchoolUniversidad CAECE - Sede Mar del Plata
SchoolUniversidad de Belgrano
SchoolUniversidad del Aconcagua
SchoolLiceo Superior de Cultura Inglesa

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Upcoming and past events in ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா

Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - La Plata Mar 11, 2016
Conference Powwow Virtual Argentino 2015 (#PVA15) Dec 18, 2015
Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - Mar del Plata Nov 28, 2015
Conference Seminario de para traductores noveles y estudiantes de traducción Nov 28, 2015
Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - Cordoba Sep 12, 2015
Conference Conferencia regional de en Córdoba, Argentina Sep 12, 2015
Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - Cordoba Sep 11, 2015
Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - Buenos Aires Aug 22, 2015
Conference Seminario de para traductores noveles y estudiantes de traducción Aug 22, 2015
Powwow ஆர்ஜெந்தீனா - La Plata Aug 8, 2015

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